Maximise your time on the torch, and really get stuck in. 

For those who wann go full on or those who need a longer fix melting.

We do more of the same and go more indepth than the half day lesson as we have more time basiclly. 

For the returning students who have the bug and are eager to learn more, I'll help you develop your fundamental skills to become better as quick as possible. Learn some secret tricks and tips and more about the glassblowers art.

my goal is to use the knowledge i have learnt on my journey so far to encourage & help people on their journey into this amazing art form.

Again youll make multiple items but  at least 3 items to take home as a momento of the day

The lesson covers:  safety in the studio.

the properties of glass  Techniques of manipulating solid glass and possibly hollow tube depending on skill level. More colour glass application techniques and design.

advanced studio set up. 

8hr session includes lunch  

To be booked within a 3 month period of issue.

Customers will recieve a link to download the voucher   

Full day Glassblowing Beginner Lesson Voucher