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About me

working at HQ

After being introduced to the world of glassblowing by a friend, I was hooked instantly.

I gave up my old job of 8 years,  just 3 months after my first go....

I've been blowing glass ever since & have been teaching 2 years full time now while still producing my own work as well/

I live in Brighton just by the sea which energizes

& inspires me everyday.

I offer lessons, tasters and workshops at my dedicated studio to enable & encourage more people to try this awesome art form  

I work with borosilicate glass which allows the creation of  very high quality & durable products.

This is due to its superior optical properties as well as its chemical & thermal resistance.

This makes it ideal for creating everything from jewellery to kitchenware & anything else you can think of.

I love the challenge of creating a concept & translating it into beautiful objects as well as the opportunity for endless learning in this amazing medium.

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